Payment Type:

We have currency-based two types of payment methods.

(i) BDT – Bangladeshi Taka

(ii) USD – American Dollars

and General-based extra two types of payment methods.

(iii) Cash on Delivery

(iv) Wholesale Payment


Payments Method:



Payment System:

We have General-based four Types of Payment methods Customers can pay the price of their purchased products to us through our 12 Payment Systems.

(i) For BDT:

      1. bKash Payment Gateway 
      2. Rocket Payment 
      3. Nagad Payment
      4. bKash Manual Payment
      5. Upay Payment

(ii) For USD:

      1. Visa
      2. Master Card
      3. Discover
      4. American Express
      5. PayPal

(iii) Cash on Delivery: You can pay in cash to our courier when you receive the goods at your doorstep. 

(iv) Wholesale Payment: Only for Verified VIPs. Wholesale Customers (Min transaction should be above BDT 1,00,000).


Payment Policy:

“” is a global wholesale marketplace with over 1k product collections. From here the customer can purchase any product of his choice. In this case, we deliver the money paid by the customer to the global supplier/seller/manufacturer with maximum security. We received the customer’s paid Bangla Tk. and USD American dollars. C. – through global currency conversions and complete payments to global sellers within 24-48 working days through which our services are completed (as a B2B marketplace or media). Therefore, we are operating our service in compliance with the policies assigned by the Bangladesh Bank and the Ministry of Commerce regarding the acceptance of advance payments and the delivery of goods or services as per the Digital Commerce Management Guidelines.

The customer can ship the goods purchased from his global seller by any means of his choice. However, for the customer’s convenience, we also facilitate the delivery of goods through our international shipment service.

Secondly, we receive the goods ordered from the supplier at our global warehouse and bring them to Bangladesh through our global logistics services –Aliexpress, DHL, and FedEx. In this case, we pay the VAT tax and other charges of Bangladesh Customs without taking advance from the customers and the goods are delivered to the customer’s doorstep in cash-on-delivery.


Transaction Information:

With the increasing use of debit or credit cards in online transactions, the number of fraudulent cycles has also increased and so to ensure the security of your information we are using our website as the most secure and user-friendly payment gateway in Paypal which will make your online payment 100% secure. Moreover, when you go to make a payment from our site, it will take you directly from our site to the Paypal page to complete the payment which will keep your card information more secure. In addition, we have our own Bkash Payment Gateway with which you can safely make payments from your Bkash account.


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